Gifts For Scotch Lovers

Gifts For Scotch Lovers

Birthdays, Christmas or just because you care, here are great ideas for the whiskey lover in your life.  No matter your budget or how picky the recipient might be, you will find exactly what you’re looking for!

Scotch Lovers Gift Basket

The Chief Executive Gift Basket

Johnny Walker Red is good.  Johnnie Walker Black is better. But a Scotch lovers gift basket that includes both plus a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue is a whole lot better. Packed inside a reusable crate that gives it a rustic, manly look, this set includes 4 packs of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, 2 Ghirardelli chocolate bars, and 2 Brookside chocolates.   After all, nothing goes better with Scotch than chocolate!

Scotch Sampler Gift

The Ultimate Scotch Sampler

Glenfarclas. Johnnie Walker Red. Johnnie Walker Black. Glenlivet. Glenfiddich. Chivas Regal.  These are the six awesome varieties packed into this Scotch sampler gift.  If your special someone is a true Scotch lover, this will put him or her over the moon!

Normann Copenhagen Whisky Glasses

Normann Copenhagen Whisky Glasses

Considered as pieces of art, these are some of the nicest, stylish, functional and coolest whiskey glasses available for sale.

Whisky Pipette

Traditional Still Whisky Dropper

Made in Scotland, this Whisky Pipette is crafted using hand blown glass. It’s a real work of art and a true conversation starter.

Great Whiskey Lovers Gifts

The Scotch Whisky Treasures

An amazing volume that comes with a beautiful slipcase cover.  One of the great whiskey lovers gifts, it takes the reader on a journey of Scotland, describing the history of whisky distillation and production.  The illustrations, maps and removable facsimile items make it one of a kind.

Best Whiskey Gifts

Personalized Scotch Distillery Sign

Nothing beats the look of a hand made, personalized wooden sign.  With a rustic, vintage look, it will look nice in a den or home pub.  This piece is near the top of my best whiskey gifts list.

Unique Whiskey Gifts

Family Crest Decanter Set

Unique whiskey gifts can be hard to find, however, here is cool idea.  This set is hand-carved with your family crest.  If you don’t have a crest, don’t worry!  Healy Glass Artistry will research the crest, make the artwork, and send it to you via email for approval.  A super idea!

Unusual Whisky Gifts

Glenfiddich Fruit Pudding

Searching for unusual whisky gifts that are delicious?  Look no further than this fantastic tin of Rich Fruit Pudding.   It’s prepared by hand using a traditional recipe with raisins, sultanas, candied peel, mixed spice and syrup.  Simply amazing!

Macallan Rare Cask Glasses

Macallan Whisky Glasses

Enjoying Macallan Rare Cask is truly an experience. In order for it to be fully appreciated, it makes sense to compliment it with the perfect glass. Right?

Scotch Coffee Mug

Swag Brewery Mug

A cute and funny scotch coffee mug is always a wonderful present idea. A great example is this “Probably Whiskey” version.

Scotch Jewelry Cufflinks Glencairn

Glencairn Whisky Glass Cufflinks

Jewelry is always appreciated, such as these spiffy cufflinks. Fans will instantly recognize the shape of the legendary Glencairn Glass.  A perfect fashion statement for special evenings & events.

Modern Norlan Whisky Glass

Norlan Whisky Glass

Modern designed, hand cut tasting glasses make great presents. These are ideal. The wide design allows the ethanol scents escape and easily take in the notes.

Ice Ball Maker For Whisky

Ice Ball Sphere Maker

Every true drinker loves having crystal clear ice in their glass, and a high quality ball maker can get the job done everytime, even with straight tap water.

Monogrammed Liquor Decanter Set

Crystal Liquor Decanter Set

A good bottle of scotch for a gift is a fantastic gesture, pair it up with this  monogrammed decanter set for an extra special touch.

Christmas Gifts For Scotch Lovers

Personalized Scotch Whiskey Kit

The next thing to buying scotch whiskey is making your own! This kit from American Oak Barrel Co. allows you to do just that. It comes with everything you need to make your first batch.  One of the great Christmas gifts for scotch lovers!

Great Gifts For Scotch Lovers

Chill Rocks Chilling Stones

Great gifts for scotch lovers include Whiskey stones that help to prevent the flavors from becoming diluted. It’s a throw back to the old days, as the Scandinavians chilled their whisky with frozen rocks.  It even comes with a cotton carrying pouch!

Whiskey Personalized Gifts

Custom Scotch Tasting Sign

Whiskey personalized gifts take many shapes and forms, such as this vintage looking sign. It’s the finishing touch that every home bar, man cave or hangout space needs for a fun atmosphere!

Whiskey Gift Box

Brother’s Whisky Stones Gift Set

An attractive whiskey gift box that includes glasses and granite ice stones is a real winner. Sure to please every real scotch drinker.

Best Gifts For Scotch Lovers

Complete Guide To Single Malt Scotch

One of best gifts for scotch lovers is knowledge.  This guide by Michael Jackson is considered the scotch drinkers bible and provides the enthusiast with all the info, guidance & advice to take their appreciation of single malt to the next level.

Scotch Gift Set

Art Deco Whisky Glass Set

When choosing the right scotch gift set with glasses, excellent quality is paramount. The glasses should be thick, but not too heavy, and fit perfectly in the hand. Here is an ideal selection that is elegant, yet unique.

Good Gifts For Scotch Lovers

Hip Flask & Funnel Set

Good gifts for scotch lovers allow them to carry their whisky everywhere.  This is one of the presents that gets the job done.  The funnel allows for easy pouring and no risk of wasting any of the precious liquid.  The flat surfaces allows you to engrave it for a personal touch.

Gifts For Whisky Lovers

Glenfiddich Highland Whiskey Cake

It’s one of the top gifts for whisky lovers that you can give.   It a delicious treat for any occasion.  Even better, it’s traditionally baked and infused with 12 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky.  Of course, it’s made in Scotland!

Horse Scotch Whiskey Decanter

Colored Glass Horse Decanter

Delight any equestrian with this beautiful horse decanter.  Lead free, blown glass with golden highlights will add an elegance to any room.  It’s sure to be a conversation piece as you have drinks with friends.

Cuppa Rocks Glasses

Cuppa Rocks Glasses

These hand crafted crystal tumblers are made to fit your hand perfectly. Inspired by both Swedish and Italian design, the rounded bottoms gently swirl your whisky for greater oxygenation.

Time And Oak Natural Elements

Time & Oak Natural Elements

Elements help to deliver a smoother experience by enhancing the traditional barrel-aged flavor. The “Element” draws existing flavor characteristics and rich caramel color from natural sugars within the oak.

7 Deadly Sins Shot Glasses

7 Deadly Sins Shot Glasses

The recipient is sure to have a good laugh over drinks with these!  The cartoon personifications are finely etched on double old fashioned shot glasses.  No more wondering whose glass is whose as long as you remember your deadly sin for the night.

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